Watch out lightning...here comes Thunder!

Jude and I had the best day yesterday. He made me laugh so many times, and all day long I was reminded of how thankful and lucky I am to be able to work part-time and spend so much time with my son. We started out the day visiting a client's home to talk about her ideas for some nursery art. This client just happened to be one of my best friends from high school, so the visit was extra special. Jude entertained himself by playing with my camera. Here are some of his abstract shots...

I don't know about you, but the artist in me says he may have an eye for composition : ). Well, if that wasn't artsy enough, later in the day he was "helping" me in the kitchen. We decided to pack a picnic for the park because the weather was so beautiful. Jude positioned himself between a kitchen drawer and the oven, and began opening and closing the drawer over and over, while simultaneously clicking the oven light on and off. Swoosh, swish, click, clack...swoosh, swish, click, clack... After watching him for a few minutes, I said, "Jude, what are you doing?" Without hesitation, he said, "I'm making music." Oh, I love this kid.

Before heading to the park, Jude grabbed his football and brought me two shirts from his drawer. I thought this was odd. He doesn't really have an opinion about what he wears yet. "Jude, you already have on a shirt. You are already dressed," I told him. "I put this OVER my shirt," he said. I giggled when I looked closely at the shirts in his hands. I told him to pick one. I think he was going for the athletic look. I present to you...Thunder.

We took the camera with us to the park and snapped these shots after our picnic dinner...

This one is a little scary, but it's worth sharing 
because of Jude's "silly face"

To close, I thought I'd post some pics of my most recent "creations" since I've been a little slack in sharing lately. 

First, here is the baby bedding from Sophia Bedding Co. that I was asked to coordinate with the artwork for baby E...
This one was fun because my client gave me a lot of freedom in the creative process. Her only request was that it coordinate with the bedding and the wall color and that it include the baby's name. Here is the final product...

My sweet husband actually purchased a website domain and designer for my Christmas gift this year! The website is in the works and still in the planning stages right now, but I am so excited to turn my hobby into a small business in the near future. It is such a passion for me, and I am thankful that my husband is so supportive and encouraging. Currently all of the profit from my paintings goes toward our baby girl fund, but my dream is to be able to give towards other's adoptions with each piece I sell. I will keep you posted on my progress! 


number 132.

We received the call Friday that it is official...all of our adoption paperwork has been approved and we are a "waiting family," sitting pretty at number 132. While this number may seem rather large, (and yes, it IS rather large), keep in mind that when we began the wait for Jude our position on the list was #98. It took us 363 days to move to the top of the list and receive the call that they had matched us with our beautiful boy. We know that this wait will be even longer, but we are are ready. And relieved that the mountain of paperwork is behind us : ). We will receive our updated "number" at the end of each month, and we will keep the wait fun by thinking of creative ways to show you. So today's number was brought to you by Jude : ).