number 132.

We received the call Friday that it is official...all of our adoption paperwork has been approved and we are a "waiting family," sitting pretty at number 132. While this number may seem rather large, (and yes, it IS rather large), keep in mind that when we began the wait for Jude our position on the list was #98. It took us 363 days to move to the top of the list and receive the call that they had matched us with our beautiful boy. We know that this wait will be even longer, but we are are ready. And relieved that the mountain of paperwork is behind us : ). We will receive our updated "number" at the end of each month, and we will keep the wait fun by thinking of creative ways to show you. So today's number was brought to you by Jude : ).

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  1. Congrats! Perhaps there will be a baby girl every day for the next 132?! I know you are equipped to way 1,032 if that's what it takes. Praying to hold fast to the hope the Lord put in your heart for your baby girl.