March Madness.

If you're wondering where I've been, you may remember this post from this same time last year. Enough said.

Anyway, seeing as how March will be over in a week, I thought it was high time I give you our number for the month! We will have a new number at the end of next week.

Our official number for March 1st is...

number 127! A number that is near and dear to my heart, I felt it appropriate to announce our new number with the soap logo created for me by my dear friend Buzzy of Buzzy Craftery : )

On another note, I had a personal achievement that is one for the record book. I ran in the "Run the Reagan" 5K once again this year, and I won 2nd place in my age group!!! I have since registered for the Peachtree Road Race and am waiting to find out if I'm in (it's on a lottery system). This means I'll be going from a 3.1 mile race to 6.2 miles. This is going to take some training : ). 

This past month, I also completed a new nursery painting. Here is a picture of the nursery bedding.

Cocalo Couture bedding
My client originally wanted a mural, so we made the painting large to cover a nice amount of wall space. The walls were painted a light blue, and the room had bright orange and blue accents. I think the painting tied it all together nicely...

my client was welcoming in her 2nd baby boy, so I painted the owls as "brothers"--notice the larger owl's wing around the smaller one? sweet brotherly love...

I am so happy with the way it all turned out, and I am already working on a new piece for another expectant mother! I will post pictures along with our new number next week.

Annnnd...my post just wouldn't be complete without updates on our sweet boy. He is currently VERY MUCH into dinosaurs, and I am blown away by his attention to detail. He loves to check out dinosaur books from the library. Not just cute little children's dinosaur books, but National Geographic books. He wants to know ALL the facts. Show him a dinosaur, and he can probably tell you the name, what they ate, and an interesting fact about them. 

When we visit the library, Jude loves to get on the "Kiddie Mac" computers and play the "Diego Dinosaur Rescue" game while I look for books. This is the only time he plays on the computer or uses a mouse (we don't use them at home--the mouse I mean), so I am always impressed by his ability to click and drag : ). Well, this past week I was sitting beside him reading a book, and he said, "look Mommy...I spell my name!" I looked up at and saw the letters "J-U-E-E" typed out across the computer screen. Well, he wasn't completely accurate, but close! He never ceases to amaze me...