March happened.

Why the sudden lapse in posts? Did you miss me and pics of my sweet boy? Well, all I can say is that March happened.

I used to love the month of March. It is, after all, the month that I was born. I celebrated my birthday with my favorite people in the whole wide world--my family.

My grandmother & I celebrated
our birthdays together--my 31st, her 78th : )

Jude helped blow out the candles

...but it turns out his cardio
is not as good as my grandmother's : )

...so she helped him out

 can you believe this? does my sister know me well or what?
 and she was afraid I wouldn't like the purse she picked out
     for me--it looks like it was made to go with my shirt : )

So, as I said, I used to love March. Then I became an Art teacher. And I found out that I have to share my birthday month with the beast that is known as "National Youth Art Month." "National Youth Art Month" is a wonderful thing, but what it really means is that every art show in America is squeezed into a 31 day period. I was lucky enough to have 3 of these shows within a span of 5 days. 1500 art pieces mounted and displayed later, I ended up with no sleep and a respiratory infection. BUT, one of my students won 1st place and "Best in Show" and will get to meet the Mayor and have her artwork displayed in City Hall!

Also, during the month of March, I completed the painting for baby Abby's nursery! I had so much fun working on this piece. Before I reveal the painting, I want to give you an idea of the colors and theme I was working with. Here is baby Abby's bedding...

And this is Abby's lamp shade...

Jennifer, Abby's mom, really wanted to tie the flowers into the painting and for it to be very girly. She also wanted to have a Bible verse, Psalm 91:11, somewhere in the painting. I had the best time bringing all the elements together...

I loved the little pop of pink on the edge of the canvas (Abby's walls are the light green in the background of the painting)--it was actually my hubby's suggestion. Know of anyone in need of some custom nursery art? I can't wait to start on another one!


  1. Love, love, love the nursery art!! (and the shout out, too!)

  2. Love the artwork Bonnie!!! So so cute!! I'm really enjoying your blog by the way!!