Soap for Hope

Friday I received a call from my dear crafty friend Buzzy. A friend of hers was having a benefit to raise money for HIV+ orphans in Kenya and wanted to know if I had anything to donate to the auction. I was thrilled! I knew exactly what I had on hand to donate--soap! I started making soap 7 years ago as bridesmaid gifts for my wedding. In the years that followed I made it during the holidays as Christmas gifts for co-workers. This summer my soap took on a whole new meaning as I saw it as an opportunity to raise money for a second adoption. My sweet husband and I sold it at a local Farmers' Market and had so much fun!

We actually got a lot of business and some great feedback from return customers. I heard lots of comments about the great lather and how it is great for shaving! We definitely plan to return to the market next summer as it was such a great experience and learning curve. My husband loved the atmosphere of the marketing and getting to know the other vendors, like Tony the Del Sol salsa guy, and the Iron Man athlete with The Good Stuff homemade granola. If you are in the Lilburn area on a Friday night next summer, look for us at the market!


  1. My brother LOVES the Del Sol Salsa guy! Haha they have a special relationship. Thanks for donating the soap, it did so well at the auction - I think it got six or seven bids before the end! The most popular scent was by far the sage & lemongrass... I might need to purchase some of that for myself. :)

  2. Oh, good! I love hearing feedback. I learned that most people don't want to bathe in Chocolate--what's wrong with them?! Ha ha...Lemon & Lavender was very popular at the market, too. Need to get back in the kitchen and make more!