Risky Business

I recently made two new batches of soap: one during Jude's nap time, and one while he was actually awake and busy playing. I knew it was risky.

To make a good batch of soap, you need plenty of time and concentration. You have to make sure your measurements are just right, and just before you complete the "saponification" (yes, that's a real word) process, you have to get your kettle of oils and your container of sodium hydroxide between 95-98 degrees at the EXACT SAME TIME. That may not sound like a big deal to some, but I am no scientist! When I began making soap, I thought it was just another crafty thing for me to do. By the time I found out it required goggles, scales, gloves, a thermometer and not a whole lot of craftiness, it didn't matter because I was already hooked. I messed up plenty of times, but eventually it became less like science and a little more like a hobby.

So, I was very proud when I was able to make a successful batch while entertaining my son AND getting my measurements and temperatures accurate. The first batch I made was scented with Oakmoss & Fir Needle, which I decided to name Into the Wild because I imagine 'Alex Supertramp' must have smelled something equally delightful during his time in the Alaskan wilderness (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, I highly recommend the movie!). The second batch was Oatmeal soap with just a tiny splash of Red Apple essential oil. Richard loves Into the Wild and we can't wait to test out our Apple Oatmeal! (I will share pictures soon but our camera is currently MIA : ). We are already planning and preparing to sell our soaps at the Lilburn Farmer's Market once again this summer--we can't wait...

So, now that the New Year is fully under way and tomorrow is February, how are you doing with those New Year's Resolutions? For the Pruitt household, we are holding up strong! Granted, we got a little later start on our resolution to eat healthier, but so far, so good! It is a daily struggle to make healthy decisions for our bodies, but I know it will get easier as it becomes more of a habit. And we already feel so much better...just a little hungrier as those steamed veggies don't seem to fill me up quite like those corn dogs* used to! We also started taking the Momentum class at Perimeter Church which is kind of like putting our finances on a diet. Overall, we are excited about a healthy 2011 : ). *on a side note, I don't actually eat corn dogs very often--just at the fair--but boy would I love to*

We are also super excited about starting the adoption process again this year, but we don't know exactly how/when/where--just that we want to get started! We are just praying and waiting for God to lead us so that we can follow and get started. We'll keep you posted as things unfold. In the meantime, here are a few pictures to tide you over:

Ah, this was our very first family photo--taken
the very moment we met--doesn't Jude look thrilled?

our family photo this Christmas, almost one
full year later--Jude IS thrilled

my very 1st attempt at decorating cupcakes 
for Jude's 2nd Birthday/1st Party : )
It was harder than I thought--navigating a tube of icing 
is not exactly like moving a pencil or a paintbrush!

 our baby boy is 2!

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