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God has been opening a lot of doors this week in terms of growing our adoption "start up" fund.

First, I was commissioned to make some soap baskets to serve as "thank you" gifts.

When I was searching for baskets for the soap, I came across some large plastic Easter eggs that made me smile. And then I made these...

These were Birthday gifts, but wouldn't they make adorable Easter baskets for those that don't want sweets? I know, who doesn't want sweets : ).

Then, my very pregnant co-worker and friend, Jennifer, asked me to create a painting for her sweet baby girl's room. I absolutely LOVE creating nursery art. Not the cheesy, super-matchy stuff that comes with the baby bedding, but one-of-a-kind custom art that is meaningful and specific to a child and his/her family. Jennifer and I are still in the planning stages of her nursery art, but I wanted to share some of those meaningful pieces I've enjoyed making over the last couple of years...

"You Can't Spell 'Dunnen' Without U"

I made this piece when my super artsy friend, Susie, was pregnant with her son, Dunnen. She wanted to spell Dunnen's name out on his nursery wall, and asked 6 different artist friends to create one of the letters. Pretty creative, huh? But pretty bold and trusting of her friends! Susie didn't give many parameters--just no pastels, please!  I was assigned the letter "U."

I loved the idea of a mama and baby giraffe creating the "U" as they shared a moment. The giraffes also represented Jude waiting on us in Africa and the bond of friendship that we hoped our sons would one day share.

Jude and Dunnen Thanksgiving 2010
-from the look on their faces, 
I think I must've interrupted some serious male bonding time

Golden Slumbers

This painting hangs above the crib of sweet Abigail Jordan. This painting has quite a history. I originally painted it to sell at our art auction fundraiser, heART for Africa in 2008. Abigail's parents, Matt and Gentry (eight months pregnant at the time), made several bids on the painting, but were "out-bidded" by someone anonymous. It turned out that my wonderful co-workers had anonymously purchased the painting to give to me because they knew it had such a special meaning to me! I painted each quilt square to represent the important people in my life and it was inspired by my very favorite artist, Gustav Klimt. But it was never intended to be mine, and when Abigail was born I knew that it was meant to be hers.

And, what could be more fun than making art for your very own nursery? Here's a sneak peek into Jude's room...

I wanted to do something with safari animals, but with a twist;
I added buttons and strings and tried to create the look of some vintage toys

 notice the "J" pillow that coordinates perfectly?
you can go here to order your very own custom pillow

Jude kisses this giraffe every morning when he wakes up--

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