no way.

I put off posting for a few days because I didn't feel like I had anything exciting enough to share. I mean, everyday I am mesmerized by the activities of my beloved toddler, but I know that I am bias : ). Well, lately he has been saying the kind of things that raise the question, "Where did he hear that??" For example, yesterday his favorite phrase was "no way."

I have no idea exactly when or where he picked it up, but he no longer says plain old "no." EVERYTHING is "no way!"

Me: "Jude, do you like these flip flops? Do you want to wear them?"
J: "No way!"

Me: "Jude, do you want to go swing?"
J: "No way!"

Me: "Jude, tomorrow you get to hang out with Daddy! Won't that be fun?"
J: "No way!"
Me: "Jude, that's not very nice--that would hurt Daddy's feelings."
J: "Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!" He started sobbing so hard I had to explain that it was really okay, it's just not nice to say 'no way' to some things...we have the most sensitive child on the planet.

Today, the word was "ghost." Richard had some fun with this one. We were all up pretty early this morning and Jude walked into our closet, walked right out, shut the door and exclaimed, "Ghost!!"

He did it again when I was in the bathroom. I have to use our downstairs bathroom with the lights off during the day. It is directly across from our front door, and Jude always ends up flinging the door open just to make sure I'm still there, so I keep the light off to avoid a peep show for the FedEx guy or whoever happens to be at our front door. Today he walked into the dark bathroom, closed the door behind him and whispered "ghost." Richard had fun convincing me that Jude was seeing things in our house. This evening as Jude shut the pantry door and exclaimed, "Ghost!" I realized he wasn't saying "ghost" at all--he was saying "Closed!"

I hope I never forget these things. Lately my favorite thing is when Jude reaches his arms up to me and says, "Carry you, puhweeeeease?" which he picked up from the many times I've asked, "do you want me to carry you?" He also calls the Zoo "You". I tried to get him to practice "zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz," to which he replied, "ya, ya, ya, ya." I can't wait to hear what he says tomorrow : ).

And here are a few pics from our most recent car wash.


  1. trust me, you won't forget! we purged the toys from helen's room and i had a hard time saying goodbye to some things- is that weird?

  2. I don't think it's weird at all! I'm thinking about having his baby Puma tennis shoes dipped in gold to hang from my rear view mirror because I can't imagine ever getting rid of them! Ha ha...but seriously, I don't think I can get rid of them : ).