Jude + Hank = B.B.F. (Best Buddies Forever)

Today was Jude's second day of preschool. He absolutely LOVED his first day last week. This morning he seemed a little less excited, but only because he was tired and wanted to play with his new cars he got  on a trip to the mall with Aunt Na yesterday. As he sat, sleepily, in front of his bowl of blueberry oatmeal this morning he said, "Hank's my best buddy ever."

Hank has been with us a long time now. He was purchased on a trip to Target with my mom, just weeks before I was to leave for Ethiopia to meet Jude. I was telling my mom about how a co-worker of mine commented that I was "pregnant like an elephant" with Jude. She was pretty accurate in her statement, as elephants carry their babies for 22 months (the longest of any land animal, fyi) and I waited on Jude for 24 months. So when we saw Hank, brown and fleece with tan elephants all over, my mom insisted she buy him for Jude.

I never intended for Hank to become Jude's best buddy. In fact, at first any old blanket seemed to do. Then, the blanket had to be fleece. And eventually, the blanket had to be brown and covered in elephants. And so their friendship began. Hank and Jude have been through a lot together.

 first Christmas in America

 first trip to the zoo

 first trip to Hilton Head, SC

 and of course, hanging out and playing cars

 Hank mostly just likes to sit back and observe

and Hank was there to support Jude when 
he became an American citizen

I guess I can see why they are best buddies. And after his bowl of oatmeal, Jude was suddenly energized and ready for school. His teacher commented on how much he loves school and how smart he is. And so far he hasn't needed Hank while he's at school, but he does tell Hank how much he missed him when they reunite for his afternoon nap : ).

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  1. i happened upon your blog while on a search for a possible replacement for our beloved brown and tan elephant blanket. :). my baby girl is almost two and has grown attached to hers - a hand-me-down of her brothers. he also had a special blanket that was left in a hotel room when he was three, and we couldn't find a replacement. now that she's hooked on the elephant one, i'm scouring the internet for some backups. :)

    love the story of your hank. :)
    that's all. :)